Flashat PTE LTD, founded in 2018, is a multinational technology based company headquartered in Singapore. Our mission is to provide the most privacy focused social media platform to the global community while bringing the best user experience through innovative technologies..


Seamless Integration

Our products are integrated using the latest technologies which is why our applications stay up to date with the latest market trends.

User Experience

We know how important it is to think from a user perspective. That’s why our applications always deliver the best user tailored experiences which is a piece of cake for users from all walks of life.

Innovative Ideas

We understand the trends and act upon the analysis, creating subsidized businesses, and investing in technologies.


messej is a Freemium Social interaction and rewarding Mobile Application for iOS and Android, which helps you to connect socially with a bundle of exciting features.

  • Social communication redefined.

    Messej app brings your communication needs together with the best user tailored experience.

  • Privacy & Security

    Your privacy is messej app utmost priority. messej app protect your messages and data safe from hacker attacks.

  • Incentivization.

    messej app offers you a rewarding concept where you will be rewarded with performance points (PP).

  • Abuse free social interactions.

    messej app policies are well crafted to serve you a safer social interaction experience. Your safety is always ensured with our Community Guidelines.