About Flashat App

Flashat is a Freemium Communication smartphone App that combines Instant Messaging and Social Media. It is an innovative concept for users to interact and socialize smartly with exceptional features which will enhance the relation between users and their futuristic living style.

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Version 1

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Flashat Version 1, shall allow users to communicate with their followers of 3 different categories which are DEARS, FANS and LIKERS. Flashat App is a rewarding concept where Premium users are rewarded with Performance Points [PP] which can be used within the app to renew Premium Subscriptions or send to other Free or Premium Users, then sellers can request Flashat to convert the PP to monetary value subject to rules and regulations.

Version 2

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Flashat Version 2 introduces Huddles, which is space for users to create and control social media rooms. Users can create Huddles [Public or Private] for any interest or topic and welcome other users to join and participate.

Version 3

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Flashat Version 3 introduces CONTACT option, which is Encrypted Instant Messaging for users to communicate with their contacts [CONTACT], by phone numbers,

Version 4

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Flashat Version 4 introduces CHAT option, which is also an Encrypted Instant Messaging but for users to communicate with other Premium Flashat Users using Usernames, without the need to exchange phone numbers.