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Flashat is an end-to-end encrypted cross-platform Instant Messaging (IM) multi-user native mobile application with seamless sync cloud based messenger, provided as a Freemium for Android and iOS. With color-coded encrypted messaging, along with huddle and self-destructing chats.

Flashat” is a compound word. “Flash” and “At” when joined together form a single word for the new instant messaging and social media app “Flashat”. As a verb the word “Flash” means sudden shine and bright or to move or past very quickly. The word “at” is a preposition which connects the verb “Flash” to the network space which makes the meaning of “Flashat”, to shine at the network of users around the globe.

Flashat is a combination of Social Media and Instant Messaging which helps users to elevate their socialization and communication experiences by having a single-app installed on a mobile phone.

Flashat is a freemium App available for both the Android and Apple iOS platforms. For Android users the app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, and for Apple iOS users, the app can be downloaded from Apple App Store. 

Still can't find the Flashat App?

Click here to download it straight away from the official Flashat website.

Flashat app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. For Android users, Flashat app can be directly downloaded and installed from Google Play Store. For the Apple iOS users, it can be downloaded and installed directly from the Apple App Store. For the users who is having trouble to find the Flashat app in any of the above can find the download link from the official website by clicking here

No. In order to increase the privacy and security of the users and due to technical concerns Flashat is only available for smartphones with Android, iOS platforms.

Yes. Flashat is a Freemium App, which is Free to download and use with optional paid Premium features.

Flashat username is the unique name used to identify yourself on Flashat App. It helps you to communicate with others without sharing your phone number and only by using your username. Usernames are mandatory for a user to start using the Flashat app. You will also need the Username to get FANS (other users) to follow you in order to become a Flashat influencer.
Users are allowed to choose their unique username in compliance with the Flashat Usernames  Guidelines Policy. 

In Flashat, Users are allowed to pre-book your usernames before the official release of the app. Users can claim the reserved usernames on the registration process once the app is officially released. 
If you haven't reserved your username yet, visit to get your unique usernames before they are gone.

If you have reserved your unique username and you want to continue using the App with the same pre-booked username, you will have to claim the pre-booked username by creating an account within 60 days from official app release (you will receive SMS of updates). If you fail to claim the pre-booked username within this period, then the username will be released for other users to consider.

If you are registering to the Flashat app with the same phone number which you have used to reserve the username, you will be automatically provided the reserved username as a suggestion at the time of registration.

Yes. If you are registering to the Flashat app with the same mobile number that you have used for reserving your username, you will be automatically provided the reserved username and if you want to change the username you will be given the chance to change the username at the registration process.

Flashat users are instructed only to choose a username that complies with the Flashat Username Guidelines & Policy.  If you are a trademark registered user, you can claim the account of your username by reaching Flashat Support to verify the requested brand name for Flashat account. 

Flashat Usernames Guidelines & Policy restricts users from creating more than one account for an individual. A valid user can create only one account in Flashat app. However, if the user has a valid reason, then can create other accounts but by different phone numbers.

At this moment. Flashat does not have any option to delete the account. This option will be added sooner after the reviews. However, you can Hide or Inactive your account so no one can find you in Search. With Hide or Inactivate features, you can restore and use your account anytime when you decide to.

Users can move contact from CONTACTS Personal to Business while initiating a new messaging.

When you initiate sending messages for the first time from your address book you will have the options to:

  • Add to personal
  • Add to business

If user wants move a chat that is already in Personal tab  to Business then:

  • Long press the specific persons chat
  • From the options that appear in the top select Move to Business

To move a Contact from Business to Personal the same procedure can be followed. 

To invite new contacts just follow these simple steps.

  • Open Personal/Business tab
  • From the kebab menu select Address book

Here, you can see your contact list with an INVITE button with each contact which is not in Flashat. Users will have the option to share an invitation link via SMS or by any third party apps.

Flashat allows users to customise notifications for Personal/Business contacts.Users can turn off notifications by 

  • Long press on the chat
  • From the options, select “Mute”

If any contact from Personal or Business bothers the user with their annoying/abusive messages, Users are given an option to Block these contacts. To Block a contact 

  • Tap on the chat header to go to Contact Info.
  • From the options choose Block.

Yes , you can only view the STORIES for your CONTACTS whose phone numbers are saved in your device Address Book and you have already exchanged messages with.
For CHAT, you can view STORIES of those who you accepted as friends.
It is to be noted that the visibility of stories also depends on the privacy settings of the users.

Yes. Flashat allows you to call your contacts with Flashat for free, even if they are in a different country. Voice and Video calling uses your phone’s Internet connection rather than your cellular plan’s voice minutes. Data charges may apply depending on your network provider.
Flashat does not guarantee that some countries will not (or already) ban Internet Voice or Video calls of any App including Flashat.

No, you can only call those who are already listed in your CONTACTS or your FRIENDS listed in your CHAT page. 

Yes, You can DELETE but NOT EDIT. Users can delete the messages within an hour after sending it. However it cannot be edited once it is sent. For this users can follow these simple steps.

  • Tap and hold the message.
  • Tap "Delete".
  • Select "Delete for Everyone".

(Users can also delete from their own phone by choosing “delete for me”)

Yes. It is possible to delete the message even after it is read by the recipient within an hour after sending it. For this users can follow these simple steps.

  • Tap and hold the message.
  • Tap "Delete".
  • Select "Delete for Everyone".

This will remove the message from the recipient side.

You can only restore messages if you have previously backed up your chats to Google Drive / Apple iCloud or Internal storage. Restore option will be prompted while you are re-installing the Flashat application.

  • Open Flashat app and verify your number
  • When prompts, select “restore chats from backup”
  • Choose restoration source (Google Drive, iCloud or Internal storage)

Finish the process

Translating a message has never been this simple. With Flashat, users can simply double tap the message to translate it to your preferred translation language and double tap again to bring it back to normal.
Here’s how to change the preferred translation language-

  • Open Flashat Settings
  • Tap on Translation
  • Choose preferred Translation Language

Huddles are Group Discussion Rooms which can be private or public.
Private huddles are limited for Users who are Invited to participate or Accepted to join.
Public Huddles are open for any user to participate in.

To create a Huddle :

  • Select New Huddle option from kebab menu of Personal | Business | Huddle
  • Enter Huddle Name, Huddle Bio and provide Huddle Image.
  • Select the participants for the huddle from contacts
  • On selecting Done, requests to be added to the huddle will be sent to the contacts.

Huddle Bio and Huddle Image is optional but Huddle Name is Mandatory

Users can create unlimited numbers of huddles.
Users can also join any number of huddles.

To join a huddle in Flashat, The Huddle manager should send a personal invitation to the users who wish to participate in the huddle and the user must accept the request in order to be a huddle participant. 

Only Huddle managers are allowed to invite new users to the Huddle. Huddle managers can send direct invitation request to the users and if the user accepts they will be added as a participant in the huddle. 

Flashat Huddle can have an unlimited number of participants. With Flashat sky is your limit!

To add Huddle admins, Follow these simple steps

  • Go to the Huddle Info
  • From the users list in the Huddle Info, Choose the user that you want to make as an admin.
  • Select “Make Admin”
  • This will send a request to the user which he/she can accept or decline this offer.
  • If the user accepts/rejects this will be updated on the huddle admin list.

Flashat Manager can decide the number of admins to help administer the Huddle.

No, there is no group video call in Huddles.

Only Huddle manager or huddle admin can perform this activity in Flashat Huddles. To block an account in huddle, just follow this easy steps- 

  • Go to the Huddle Info
  • From the users list in Huddle Info, Select the user you want to block
  • Choose the block from the options and press confirm.

Only Huddle Manager can delete a huddle. To delete the huddle:

  • Goto Huddle Info by clicking on the Huddle  Header
  • Navigate to Delete Huddle option
  • Select Delete in the confirmation popup shown

To exit from a huddle. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Go to the Huddle Info
  • In the bottom of the screen, tap Exit Huddle.
  • Press “Ok”

And you are done.

In Privacy settings, you can set to Everyone or My Contacts or Nobody or Choose from the list of contacts / friends.

If the other user has set the Last Seen to Nobody, then you will not be able to see his last seen.

If Another user Turns off the Read Receipt, then you will not be able to see the other user’s read receipt.

Yes. Users can disable “save media to gallery” by following these easy steps

  • Go to settings from kebab menu
  • Tap chat settings
  • Disable “save media to gallery”

Yes. This option is currently only available for huddles. 

  • Tap on the chat header to select Huddle info
  • disable/uncheck “save media to gallery”

End to End Encryption is to ensure that the communication between users is protected in such a way that it can only be read on the two ends, by the sender and by the recipient. With End to End Encryption messages sent to you are encrypted in such a way that it can only be decrypted after reaching your phone with a private key which is stored only on your phone.

Without End to End Encryption your data can be read by third parties while in transit. In Flashat Security of users data is our utmost concern. So we are encrypting every message users send with  End to End Encryption by default and users cannot disable that.

To stop media auto download:

  • Open Settings from kebab menu at the top right corner
  • Goto Data Usage Settings
  • Open Media Auto Download
  • In Media Auto Download select which content user want to download when
       - When using Mobile Data
       - When using WIFI

Users can opt not to select any option if the user doesn’t want any media to be auto downloaded.

Yes, Users can set custom notification tone for a specific chat by :

  • Tap on top header bar of that chat to open Contact Info
  • In Contact Info select Custom Tone

And choose the tone the user wants to set for that specific chat.

There is no option to set  a specific tone for all personal chats and other for all business chats at once. 
Users can specifically set a custom tone for each contact and can choose the same tone for all  personal chats and different tones for all business chats. But this has to be done individually for all users.

Users can turn off notification from Home page > kebab menu > Setting > notifications settings> Notification alert > Mute notification

Archived chats are shown inside settings. To navigate to archived chats:

  • Open Settings from kebab menu at the top right corner
  • In Settings Under Archive Chats tab users can find all the archived

No , You have to backup your information from settings then you can restore the backed up information to your new phone while installing Flashat.

Users can report your problem with all details and screenshots to

Users can block user by:

  • Navigating to Contact Info by clicking on the Header bar showing the
     username of that user.
  • Navigate to the bottom part of Contact Info and select Block.
  • A popup asking confirmation to block user will be shown.
  • Choose Block option  in the popup to block the user.

No, Messages sent by contacts blocked by you will not be delivered to you.The messages sent only after unblocking that user will  be delivered to you.